Honi Harlow

Artist and performer in Washington, DC

Honi Harlow

Artist and performer in Washington, DC

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Honi Harlow

"The Woman with the voice that teases, and the Body that sings"

The High Priestess of Cunt








Beholden to none

I was born on Spring street in NYC, in a 350 sq foot walk up tenement apartment, After a night of red wine and creative genius, and the reading of the whores of Atlantis by Charles Bush. Yes I gave birth to myself. There was no better way to enter the world I desired then by shedding my old skin like a snake and creating myself in the image I was intended to be a free and fierce woman who takes no prisoners.

I came to New York to follow my dreams and I landed in a time of teasing, tassels, and outrageous talent and I’ve never looked back, and I wouldn't change a thing.

A few of my credits:

Principle Actress, “Budlight commercial” withLady GaGa2016

Choreographer,for “The Black Donnellys” television Show NBC, written by Paul Haggis

Producer,of “Harlow’s Hideaway” at Fontanas, NYC Guest Russel Simmonsfilmed and episode of “Running Russell Simmons” at my show and I coached his assistant.

Producer, “Vital Late Night” Vital theater off broadway theater full season.

Celebrity Guest and Ensemble Member “Gleam” NYC Fringe Festival

Thats just a few highlights, I also have And performed, produced, Choreographed and Hosted over 400 burlesque shows in 30 venues in NYC and internationally.

Lets not even get into the (for lack of a better word) legit performing and there isn't enough time.

Currently I am the Artistic Director of “Jordins Paradise, wellness Center”, Dupont Circle, DC.

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